Grant Competition "Do the Good"

The purpose of the competition is to strengthen personal and public safety in Voznesensk UTC by building trust and strengthening cooperation between the community, government and police.

  • organization of quality leisure
  • security is people's sense of safety, comfort, and social well-being, not just the absence of danger or low crime. Security is one of the most important values for a person, and cooperation between the police and the community is the best way to ensure it
  • promoting good deeds and support
Given the conditions of quarantine, it is impossible to attend and hold events in boarding schools or orphanages. Projects shall be remote or aimed at purchasing and transferring equipment to develop creativity, improve leisure and learning conditions for children and young people.
Grant Max Size:  7 000 ₴
General Budget:  23 000 ₴
Deadline for applications:  5 жовт. 2020 р., 23:59:00
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