Small Grants Competition "Social Cohesion of Communities - the Way to Peace", which is held within the project "Movement of Youth Banks Initiatives"

1. General provisions:

The National Philanthropy Development Network is announcing a Small Grants Competition within the framework of the Youth Banks Initiatives Movement project, implemented with the support of The Global Fund.

The purpose of the competition is to support the initiatives of Youth Banks initiatives that operate within the activities of "community funds" aimed at updating the theme of socialization of youth in war (adaptation of IDP youth, support for youth initiatives, etc.) and involving young people in solving social and humanitarian problems. . The goals of the competition are to create favorable conditions for the adaptation of IDP youth, their socialization in the new environment, involvement of young people in the joint solution of social, humanitarian and other important, in the opinion of young people, problems in the community.

2. Who can participate in the competition.

The following are invited to the competition:

Unregistered groups, informal youth associations and informal civic initiatives. In particular, these are Youth Banks initiatives that implement their activities under

Charitable and public organizations (non-profit), which are registered and operate in Ukraine on the model of "community funds". These are teams of at least 3 people who coordinate with an adult mentor from community foundations.

Public and charitable organizations that:

  • are in a state of liquidation;
  • have legal relations and / or provide resources and support to individuals and organizations related to terrorism;
  • make any effort or act to influence the members of the tender commission or the organizer, administrator of the tender in order to illegally make a decision in their favor.

3. Priority directions of the Competition:

  • Work with IDP youth - conducting joint activities for social adaptation of youth in new communities;
  • Solving socially significant problems - humanitarian, adaptive (spreading the internal culture of the community to internally displaced persons), social, etc.;
  • Support for youth initiatives - readiness to support any ideas of young people that will be aimed at the benefit of the community, IDPs, overcoming humanitarian problems, etc.

4. Activities that may be supported under this Competition:

  • Organization of public events (public hearings, public discussions, cultural events, meetings at the place of residence, round tables, trainings, conferences, etc.);
  • Conducting information campaigns in the community;
  • Publication and distribution of information materials, printed and electronic publications, brochures, etc .;
  • Implementation of cultural events

This list is not exhaustive.

The grantee will not have any legal relationship and will not provide resources and support to individuals and organizations associated with terrorism. The grantee must be aware of Resolution № 13224 and the names of individuals and legal entities designated in accordance with it. A list of these names can be found at:

5. The amount of the grant.

The requested grant amount that the team can apply for cannot be less than UAH 15,000 and not more than UAH 25,000.

The applicant's own contribution is not required.

6. Procedure for submitting project proposals.

An informal youth group / organization that meets the requirements for applicants, as well as works in the target areas, must submit a completed standard project proposal to participate in the competition.

The project proposal is filled in Ukrainian.

To gain access to the electronic application form, the applicant must register and create their e-office on the organization's website. .

Deadline for submission of project proposals: September 15, 2022 (23:59).

Draft applications will be considered by the Tender Commission every two weeks until September 15, 2022 (inclusive)

Project proposals that are sent in paper form - by mail, fax, courier, or in any other way than e-mail to the specified address with the relevant subject of the letter - will not be accepted.

The materials submitted to the competition are not returned or reviewed.

7. Funding under the competition.

Funds provided within the framework of the Competition are transferred in the order of intended use and may not be used:

  • to carry out activities that are not related to the project submitted to the competition;
  • to cover debts and / or fines of the organization and related fees and court costs;
  • to pay for personal treatment, education or scholarships for education, recreation;
  • for publishing personal publications and holding personal exhibitions;
  • for contributions, donations, gifts to individuals or organizations;
  • to cover expenses for advertising and public relations, which are related exclusively to the promotion of the organization;
  • to purchase goods or services for personal use by employees of the organization;
  • for contributions to a reserve or similar fund and / or endowment;
  • to hold events sponsored by political, religious or military structures, as well as government officials;
  • to provide any resources or any other support to individuals and / or legal entities involved in terrorist activities.

Expenditures incurred by grantees before or after the end of the project, as well as those in excess of the approved amount of support, are not reimbursed.

The National Network for the Development of Local Philanthropy does not take responsibility for obtaining approvals and / or permits that the winner may need to implement the project.

Costs that can be budgeted for:

  • cost of labor required staff, experts involved, consultants.

The level of such costs should not differ significantly from the average wage level in the region for identical activities in the relevant sectors;


  • subcontracting and direct costs of organizing and conducting events, etc .;
  • administrative costs (telephone, Internet, postage, banking services);
  • in some cases, the purchase of office equipment may be financed, if any
  • justified in the project proposal and if the costs of this item do not exceed 10% of the requested amount.

This list is not exhaustive.

The total administrative costs of the project (including project staff fees) may not exceed 20% of the requested project amount.

8. Project reporting.

Current analytical and financial reporting on the project is provided monthly.

Analytical and financial reporting on the project with copies of supporting documents and other appendices is provided 2 times during the project implementation period:

  • 1 month after the start of the project;
  • after the end of the project, but not later than November 15, 2022.

Authorized persons of the National Network for Development of Local Philanthropy have the right at any time to check the activities of the winner of the Competition for its compliance with the declared project, compliance with payments made by the grant recipient, payments provided by the approved project budget.

In case of discrepancies or gross violations of the Agreement or current legislation, accidentally or intentionally committed by the grant recipient during the project, BO "National Network for Local Philanthropy" reserves the right to suspend funding for the project and demand repayment of already transferred funds.

9. Project implementation period: up to 3 months, starting from June 30, 2022.

10. Procedure for consideration of project proposals.

Assessment of compliance with technical requirements will be carried out according to the following criteria:

  • compliance of the project proposal with the established form;
  • compliance of the applicant organization with the established criteria specified in paragraph 2 of this Regulation;
  • the amount of the requested grant does not exceed the set amount.

Based on the results of the first stage of evaluation, a decision will be made on the admission / non-admission of project proposals for further evaluation.

At the next stage, each approved project proposal is evaluated by members of a specially created Tender Commission according to the following criteria:

Evaluation criteria

Maximum score


Compliance of the project application with the goals and priorities of the Competition10


Organizational capacity of the organization to implement proposed project



Relevance of the project for the community / region



Compliance of the proposed activity with the goals and objectives of the project



Realism and measurability of planned results



The level of involvement of the target group and the community as a whole to project



Long-term impact of the project



Validity and efficiency of planning required financial resources


Total points


Based on the results of the evaluation of project proposals, the Tender Commission determines the list of organizations to which grants will be awarded. The decision of the Competition Commission is the basis for making appropriate decisions of the National Network for the Development of Local Philanthropy for the preparation and signing of Agreements with the winners of the Competition for the provision of appropriate funding.

The decision of the Tender Commission is final. Decision of the Tender Commission on determination

The winners of the Competition are final. The Competition Commission and / or representatives of the National Network for the Development of Local Philanthropy do not report or comment on the reasons for refusing to provide grant support.

The final decision on the draft is not subject to revision.

Additional negotiations will be held with the winning organizations in order to finalize their projects, taking into account the comments made by the Competition Commission. After finalizing the applications, the grantee organization will sign an agreement with the National Network for the Development of Local Philanthropy to provide targeted funding.

The grant amount will be transferred in one tranche to the current bank account of the grantor organization.

11. Competition Commission.

To conduct the stage of evaluation of applications according to the criteria in paragraph 10, a special Competition Commission is created, formed by the Chairman of the Board of the National Network for the Development of Local Philanthropy.

The tender commission is formed of at least five people.

The tender commission may include representatives of the National Network for the Development of Local Philanthropy, as well as independent experts.

A meeting of the Competition Commission is valid if at least two thirds of its members are present. The chairman of the meeting is elected from among the members of the Competition Commission by a simple majority. The chairman of the meeting is personally responsible for the disclosure of information that became known to him during the competition. The chairman keeps the minutes of the meeting of the tender commission, draws up information on the results of the tender, etc.

12. Advising applicants.

Representatives of the organization who are interested in submitting project proposals may contact the Manager of the competition for additional information or questions in order to clarify the terms of the competition, the procedure for submitting project proposals.

You can send your questions to e-mail:

until September 15, 2022. All questions and answers will also be in the applicant's personal account.

13. Approximate schedule of the competition:

Start of the competition and acceptance of applications: 15.06.2022

Last day for applications: 15.09.2022

The last day of consultations on the competition: 15.09.2022

Last day to decide on the award of grants for applications submitted before September 15 (inclusive): until 30.09.2022

* Draft applications will be considered by the Tender Commission every two weeks until September 15, 2022 (inclusive)

Grant Max Size:  25 000 ₴
Deadline for applications:  15 вер. 2022 р., 22:34:00
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