Boyarka Community Foundation
  • Manager:  Lydia Savenko
  • Year of creation:  22 жовтня 2020 р.

The Boyar Community Foundation is a charitable organization created by independent activists to unite compatriots around good and useful deeds. The foundation is not affiliated with the government or the opposition, politics or business.

Charitable Organization "Kherson Community Fund "Zahyst""
  • Manager:  Larysa Polska
  • Year of creation:  13 березня 2003 р.

We unite people for positive change in the community, supporting community initiatives and developing a culture of charity. Areas of work - promoting the development of civil society and the development of systemic philanthropy as a tool for activating citizens.

NGO Interactive Platform "Prostir”
  • Manager:  Olena Tynnyk
  • Year of creation:  28 грудня 2015 р.

Make Rivne, one of the most attractive cities to live in Ukraine

Voznesensk community foundation
  • Manager:  Victoria Balzer
  • Year of creation:  12 січня 2004 р.

We create opportunities for active residents to implement their own ideas that lead to change in the community

CO “Bari” Community Fund
  • Manager:  Roman Mocharny
  • Year of creation:  12 грудня 2015 р.

We develop the Bar community by implementing cooperation and innovative solutions to organizations, businesses and citizens

Dubna Community Fund “Dobrobut”
  • Manager:  Mykola Mandzyuk
  • Year of creation:  9 жовтня 2019 р.

Year of creation: December 12, 2019 Let's make the community better together!

Association “Reincarnation of Hrytsev”
  • Manager:  Dzhurabayev Vasyl
  • Year of creation:  24 грудня 1998 р.

Improving the lives of Hrytsev and Korpylivka residents through philanthropic activities. We strive to become the Community of First Choice Fund, a counselor and helper, a community foundation that understands the needs of the community, the problems and interests of local residents and offers effective solutions.

“Ridnia” Community Fund
  • Manager:  Igor Koverdan
  • Year of creation:  11 жовтня 2011 р.

Caring for worthy communities, forming solidarity between people, cultivating Christian piety and using the latest communication technologies.

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