"AZD saves lives"

7 жовт. 2021 р.

On September 30, the Podilska Hromada Community Foundation conducted training on first aid and the use of an automatic external defibrillator for an open group of representatives of different professions and different ages. This event once again demonstrated the great demand from our society for the knowledge and ability to help other people.

"Thank you for your sincere curiosity, for the desire to carefully practice the skills of cardiopulmonary resuscitation, stop bleeding, use a defibrillator, for the feeling of security that you give thanks to new skills," - wrote the organizers on their page in the social network.

For those who also want to take part in free first aid training under the mentorship of professional doctors-instructors / ok - the next training in Vinnytsia for the open group will take place on October 21 (registration will be opened later).

The AED Saves Lives project is implemented by the Podilska Hromada Community Foundation together with the NGO Emergency Medical Agency in partnership with Vinnytsia City Council and Vinnytsia Regional Center for Emergency Care and Disaster Medicine with the financial support of the Ch.S. Mott as part of the Global Challenges Local Solutions Program, run by the Academy of Philanthropy Development in Poland.

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