AED saves lives

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Thanks to the synergy project "AZD saves lives" implemented by the Podilska Hromada Community Foundation, automatic external defibrillators have been installed in 6 public places of Vinnytsia. Relevant stickers inform about the presence of AED in the room.

In addition to the device itself, the box contains films-valves for artificial respiration, tactical atraumatic scissors, elastic bandage, hemostatic tourniquets and other necessary things that can help save a person's life during an emergency. Next to the box is an information stand, which contains step-by-step actions in case of such a situation.

And most importantly, in each of the premises there are people who have passed a basic course in first aid and the use of an automatic external defibrillator under the mentorship of professional instructors from the NGO "Emergency Medical Agency".

List of available AEDs:

1. Transparent office (Soborna Street, 59)

2. Transparent office (Cosmonauts Avenue, 30)

3. Transparent office (7 Zamostyanska Street)

4. Vinnytsia station (Pryvokzalna Square, 1)

5. Central Bus Station Vinnytsia (Kyivska Street)

6. Bus station Vinnytsia AS-2 "Western" (Khmelnitsky highway, 107).

All of them are already on the map of available defibrillators in Ukraine:

The AED Saves Lives project is implemented by the Podilska Hromada Community Foundation together with the NGO Emergency Medical Aid Agency in partnership with Vinnytsia City Council and Vinnytsia Regional Center for Emergency Medical Care and Disaster Medicine with the financial support of the Ch.S. Mott as part of the Global Challenges Local Solutions Program, run by the Academy of Philanthropy Development in Poland.

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