The Sumy Public Foundation continues to build first aid kits for the military

9 трав. 2022 р.

400 occlusive bandages worth a total of 256,000 hryvnias was the key purchase of the Sumy Public Fund last week.

Such a bandage is necessary for penetrating chest injuries, when pneumothorax occurs - an accumulation of gas (usually air) in the pleural cavity with a simultaneous increase in pressure in it, resulting in a gradual collapse of the lungs. This component of the tactical first aid kit helps to save the life of the fighter, preventing air from entering the wound when wounded.

In addition, the foundation received previously ordered 500 certified turnstiles and much more for our defenders.

The Sumy Public Foundation continues to form first-aid kits, sew medical records for them, and conduct training. All thanks to the support of those who care.

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