Public space of Druzhivka

15 груд. 2021 р.

NGO "Community Development Fund" opened a public space from a public organization in Druzhkivka on the street. Cosmonauts, 25. The grand opening took place on December 14 at 14:00.

This space opens:

  • for citizens who want to receive free counseling (individual consultations on legal issues, assistance on communal issues, assistance in obtaining administrative and social services, improving digital literacy, etc.),
  • to conduct classes and trainings, in particular, on communication skills, transformation and conflict resolution, as well as self-help in crisis situations;
  • for organizations and residents of Druzhkivka community who have interesting ideas and do not have space for their implementation.

The Community Development Fund has been operating in the region since 2012. In Druzhkivka, since November 2014, the organization has been constantly implementing its activities related to providing assistance to IDPs, consulting, and cultural events. For example, in 2020-2021, representatives of the foundation provided more than 3,000 free consultations to various categories of residents of the Druzhkivka community, most of whom are elderly and people who belong to more vulnerable groups. Assistance is provided online by phone or offline.

In addition, the Community Development Fund implements various socially useful projects in Donetsk and Luhansk regions in the areas of charity, environmental protection, culture, education, mutual understanding and conflict resolution.

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