Ivano-Frankivsk - for the circular economy

22 лип. 2021 р.

On July 13, the conference hall Promprylad.Renovation discussed the results of the study "Planning and design of public spaces in Ivano-Frankivsk: analysis of approaches based on the principles of the circular economy."

Together, the team of the MetaLab urban laboratory and the Teple Misto platform presented the results of the study, which was attended by representatives of the public sector, city architects, as well as representatives of the Ivano-Frankivsk City Council and the Center for Urban Development and Recreation.

The participants of the event exchanged views and visions of designing public spaces taking into account the principles of the circular economy, as well as discussed current needs. Noting that there is now quite a bit of expertise on greenery in public spaces, the authors of the study concluded to conduct further analysis.

When designing public spaces, the possibility of influencing people's behavior and encouraging them to either generate less waste or sort it is often overlooked. There is a need for wider information, communication of the principles of the circular economy to contractors, architects and local developers, communication on why they benefit from the approaches of the circular economy.

The panellists noted that the study report described many useful and simple solutions for planning public spaces based on CE. The results of the study suggest that in order to reduce the amount of construction waste, it is necessary to use more natural and more natural and less artificial materials in the design of public spaces, use reuse of building materials for infrastructure, make comprehensive decisions when planning public spaces taking into account the principles of CE.

In order to take into account the principles of the circular economy more when designing public spaces at the request of the city, there was a proposal to use the tools of local democracy (citizens' appeals to deputies, electronic petitions).

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