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18 серп. 2021 р.

We have prepared information brochures about each member organization of the National Network for the Development of Local Philanthropy. These publications collect information about the communities in which the network member works, about the services that can be provided by community foundations, and the projects they implement, about teams, supporters, donors and partners, and success stories. Feedback on the work of funds and contact information.

This week, all participants received parcels with printed brochures. Anyone can view them online in open access at the following links:

  • CHARITABLE ORGANIZATION “Berezani Community Foundation
  • CHARITABLE ORGANIZATION Kherson Community Foundation "Protection"
  • CHARITABLE ORGANIZATION Teple Misto Charitable Foundation
  • NON-GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATION "Alliance of Good Deeds" in Vasylkiv
  • CHARITABLE ORGANIZATION Toloka Kharkiv Charitable Foundation
  • CHARITABLE ORGANIZATION "Zhytomyr Community Foundation"
  • NON-GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATION "Community Development Fund" Kramatorsk
  • NON-GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATION "Community unity - a prosperous village"
  • NON-GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATION Hrytsev Renaissance Association
  • CHARITABLE ORGANIZATION Podilska Hromada Community Foundation
  • CHARITABLE ORGANIZATION Ridnya Community Foundation Charitable Foundation
  • Community Development Fund of Ukraine (Domanivka)
  • Barsky District Community Foundation "Bari"
  • CHARITABLE ORGANIZATION "Voznesenska Community Foundation"
  • NON-GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATION Platform of interactions "Space" Rivne
  • CHARITABLE ORGANIZATION Sumy Public Foundation

The publications were prepared and published as a result of the School of Community Funds project competition with the support of ISAR “Unity” with funding from the Ch.S. MOTTA.

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