Indivisible capital (endowment): from A to Z.

30 вер. 2021 р.

The Ridnya Community Foundation Charitable Foundation conducted the training "Indivisible Capital (Endowment): From A to Z".

The following issues were considered during the training:

philosophy and way of practical creation of renewable sources of funds;

accumulation, management and use of indivisible capital;

strategy of work with indivisible capital;

communication strategy with potential donors of indivisible capital.

They talked about endowments with community foundations and charitable foundations, talked about legislation, procedures and more. But the main thing reads like this - wonderful people, good deeds, value orientation, good for every community. Few people understand what an endowment is. However, let us remember that the idea of a public budget was also not accepted at all until recently. And in Irpen we implemented a pilot, because no one wanted to take up this idea. Now the whole country is successfully implementing the public budget. I hope it will be the same with endowments. - Anastasia Popsui, Chairman of the Board of the National Network for the Development of Local Philanthropy, is driving.
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