Using tools for Nonprofits

27 лип. 2021 р.

Kherson Community Foundation "Protection" has created a training video course on launching and using Google for Nonprofits and Microsoft for Nonprofits tools in CSOs, which will help NGOs and charitable foundations to work more efficiently and ensure self-sufficiency in any crisis situation. The course consists of 10 lessons.

Access to the course by following the link:

The COVID-19 epidemic has been a difficult test of the strength and ability of NGOs and charitable foundations to adapt to adverse circumstances. Those of them who were unable to adapt to the crisis situation either slowed down or even ceased to exist.

Working in the new extreme environment has highlighted the need for digital transformation using programs provided free of charge to non-profit civil society organizations by Google and Microsoft.

The proposed video course will help the public sector to make a significant step in strategic organizational development, work modernly and more efficiently, provide the organization with self-sufficiency in any crisis situation.

The video course is the basis. It will determine the main vector of work in the process of digital transformation of public organizations and will help to transform the usual work of teams into an online format.

This video course consists of two blocks: Google and Microsoft. They show step by step how CSOs can join the programs offered by well-known companies for non-profit organizations, and how to get started.

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