2 вер. 2021 р.

The exhibition of final works of the Contemporary Art Rivne residence presents the results of joint work of artists and researchers in Rivne.

The purpose of the residency is to draw attention to the problems of ecology, conservation of water resources and historical heritage through the creation of scientific and artistic cooperation. The opening of the exhibition was preceded by a city tour with a series of presentations of "site-specific" projects and performative actions in the urban environment of Rivne.

The residence in 2021 is dedicated to the theme "Water. Frequently Asked Questions ”for a month focused on the study and artistic research of water resources and water use in the region. The work of the residence was accompanied by interaction with the National University of Water Management and Nature Management. The exhibition of final works presents the results of interaction of project participants with the urban and regional context.

Participants of these residencies: Alina Khorolska, Anna Ivchenko, Anton Grigorenko, Daria Pugacheva, Yevhen Ivanenko, Maria Major, Turlyun Tamara, Korshunov Yevhen, Natalia Gromyk, Oleksandr Naselenko, Oleksandra Promska, Oleksandra Sysa, Petro Vladimirova and Oleksandra Tynnyk, Bohdana Davydyuk, Victoria Romanchuk, Ivanka Borodina, Vasyl Korbutyak, Pavlo Benedyuk, Volodymyr Serhachov.

Exhibition opening hours:

August 28 - September 26, 2021,

Tuesday - Friday from 10:00 to 17:30.

Exhibition hall, 2nd floor,

Department of Nature and Department of History of the Museum of Local Lore, 1st floor.

The Contemporary Art Rivne Residence is initiated by the Space Interaction Platform in partnership with the National University of Water Management and Nature Management with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.

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