​MedAid Special Fund

Ukrainian cities were unprepared for the Russian military attack, there were not enough humanitarian reserves, especially medicines, and medical equipment. Most Ukrainian hospitals were not ready for crises.

The purpose of this project is to equip hospitals, social institutions and Ukrainian citizens with the necessary medical devices, medicines, and tools to maintain the work of medical institutions in an emergency.

We have inquiries from Ukrainian communities funds about medicines (basic and special), hospital beds, hygiene products, dressings, baby food, consumables for various departments (including hemodialysis, perinatal center), wheelchairs, crutches, functional beds.

You can donate to the MedAid Special Fund through WayForPay or by details:

Company Name НАЦІОНАЛЬНА МЕРЕЖА РОЗВИТКУ ЛОКАЛЬНОЇ ФІЛАНТРОПІЇ (National Network of Local Philanthropy development)
IBAN Code UA243052990000026009031716914
Account in the correspondent bank 001-1-000080
SWIFT Code of the correspondent bank CHASUS33
Correspondent bank JP Morgan Chase Bank, New York, USA

Also, you can buy humanitarian aid according to the lists and send it to us.

Lists of local communities that participate in MedAid Special Fund:

  • “Podilska gromada” Community Fund (Vinnytsia Community Fund)
  • Public Organization “Community Development Fund of Ukraine”
  • Voznesensk community foundation
  • Charitable Organization “Berezan’ Community Fund”
  • Zhytomyr Community Fund
  • Boyarka Community Foundation
  • “Alliance of Good Deeds” Public Organization
  • “Bari” Community Fund
  • “Ridnia” Community Fund
  • Charitable Organization "Kherson Community Fund "Zahyst"
  • Charitable Organization “Community Fund “Sumy”
  • Charitable Organization “Kharkiv Charity Fund “Toloka”
  • Dubna Community Fund “Dobrobut”

Implementation of a special fund

The generator for uninterrupted operation worth 470 thousand UAH was received by the City Hospital of Berezan

More details

The project was implemented thanks to the effective cooperation of the Berezani Community Foundation, the City Council of Berezan and the National Network for the Development of Local Philanthropy Philanthropy within the MedAid special fund program and with the financial support of German Marshall found

The generator with a capacity of 80 kW can provide uninterrupted power supply to the entire hospital in the event of a light outage in an emergency.

The total cost of the project 470 thousand UAH included the purchase, installation and connection of the generator. UAH 40,000 was allocated from the Berezan City Council.

Medicines for community residents and internally displaced persons were purchased for the Novoyavorivska community

More details

The total cost of the drug is 16,062.54, which was donated by the benefactor through LiqPay. Thank you for your support, which will now help those in need.

Batch of medicines and related materials for the Kharkiv Community Foundation

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The Toloka Foundation continues to work during the war, implementing projects not only in the field of culture. In April, the foundation organized a concert of classical music for medical staff and patients at the Kharkiv Regional Clinical Perinatal Center, where up to three babies are born every day during the war.

And in May Fond passed a large consignment of medicines and related materials in 26 items for needs. This is what the center needs, to work every day. Assistance was provided under the MedAid project of the National Network of Local Philanthropy Development Philanthropy, aimed at helping hospitals, social institutions and the civilian population.

20 personal first aid kits for home care for the wounded

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Konrad Adenauer Foundation has purchased 20 personal first aid kits to provide medical care to the wounded as part of the MedAid Medical Special Fund project.

We thank the Foundation for the support of the Ukrainian people!

Individual devours

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Thanks to individual donations, the medical special fund MedAid collected UAH 17,063.15! All funds will be directed to the targeted activities of the special fund.

Thank you to all the benefactors who participated in the fundraising. Every contribution, even a small one, is a big step towards our victory!

Two generators for hospitals of Vasylkivska OTG

More details

Within the framework of this special fund, in cooperation with the NGO Alliance of Good Deeds, two generators were purchased for the hospitals of Vasylkivska OTG:

  • Generator diesel EnerSol, single-phase, 6.5 kVA
  • Generator petrol NOWA BG3400 (nom. - 3,1 kW, max - 3,4 kW)

This project was financially supported by the German Marshall Fund of the United States and was implemented by graduates of its leadership programs

Purchase of medicines in the amount of UAH 10,700 for the inpatient department for permanent or temporary residence

More details

The National Network of Local Philanthropy Development and the Berezani Community Foundation will purchase medicines worth UAH 10,700 for the inpatient department for permanent or temporary residence.

Currently, there are people who are in difficult life situations and can not move independently: people with disabilities and the elderly.

This project is supported financially by the German Marshall Fund of the United States and implemented by alumni of its leadership programs. We thank the Foundation for the support of the Ukrainian people.

Purchase of medicines for Odessa Children's Hospital

More details

The National Network for the Development of Local Philanthropy Philanthropists in cooperation with the International Volunteer Logistics Center "Marlog" with the co-financing of the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Ukraine and an unknown benefactor purchased medicine for the Odesa Children's Hospital

The Fondation de France provided a grant for the National Network for the Development of Local Philanthropy

More details

Thanks to this financing, grants will be opened for community funds of Ukraine and equipment will be purchased for hospitals upon request.

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