Youth Banks of Ukraine: promoting a culture of philanthropy and involving young people in civil society

In 2021, the National Network for the Development of Local Philanthropy is implementing the project "Movement of Youth Banks of Ukraine - Promoting the Culture of Philanthropy and Involving Youth in Civil Society." As part of the project, 7 Youth Initiative Banks (MBIs) from 7 different communities are implementing socially significant initiatives to address problems in their communities.

Stages of activity:

  • participation of youth leaders in a number of training sessions on leadership, partnerships, fundraising, project management, communication (April-May 2021);
  • conducting a sociological survey of community issues in cooperation with the State Institute for Family and Youth Policy (young people conduct a survey in their community, May-June 2021);
  • formation of youth projects aimed at solving the problems of their community (May-June 2021);
  • participation in the all-Ukrainian conference of youth banks of Ukraine's initiatives on June 11-12, 2021 in Kyiv. Meetings with representatives of the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine, the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. Discussion of youth policy formation at the state level and on the ground;
  • fundraising for youth projects (through interactive payment systems, telegram bot @Youthbank_Philanthropy_bot, mobile application "Youth Banks of Initiatives", June-September 2021);
  • implementation of youth initiatives in communities (September-October 2021);
  • friendly visits of youth leaders to partner communities (July-October 2021).

The project is supported by ISAR Unity as part of the ISAR Unit Sectoral Support Initiative, implemented by ISAR Unity in consortium with the Ukrainian Independent Center for Political Studies (UCIPR) and the Center for Democracy and the Rule of Law (CEDEM). on international development.


  • Youth banks of initiatives - youth leaders - operate on the basis of community funds, which are registered legal entities in their communities:
  • Berezan Community (Berezan Community Foundation, Berezan, Kyiv Region)
  • Voznesensk community (Voznesensk community foundation, Voznesensk, Mykolaiv region)
  • Rivne community (Space Interaction Platform, Rivne)
  • Stryi community (Ridnya Community Foundation, Stryi, Lviv region)
  • Bar community (Bar Community Foundation, Bar, Vinnytsia region)
  • Novoyavorivska community (GOstynets NGO, Novoyavorivsk, Lviv region)
  • Domanivka community (Domanivka village development fund, Mykolaiv region)

Information about each organization, including constituent documents and reports, can be found at .


A systematic approach to charitable activities will be used for the successful implementation of fundraising campaigns. Young people will show their ability to objectively assess the situation in the community and identify its main needs (public surveys, discussions with representatives of the mayor's office and business, statistical analysis), choose the right fundraising goal, and widely inform the public about the results of youth projects.

The innovation of the project is that funds for youth projects will be raised through mobile interactive systems, telegram-bot @Youthbank_Philanthropy_bot, mobile application "Youth Banks of Initiatives".

Each youth organization will raise approximately the amount of UAH 20,000 - 30,000 for the implementation of its socially significant initiative, which will be implemented in the fall of 2021. Project descriptions on the website

In case of force majeure and non-implementation of any initiative, or in the presence of balances, charitable donations will be used for the statutory charitable activities of the relevant community fund. The amount of the donation is non-refundable.


Since 2011, the Youth Banks of Initiatives have started to appear on the basis of community funds of Ukraine. It is an international model aimed at activating young people to participate in the life of their own community, establishing intersectoral partnerships in communities, forming civic and cross-cutting competencies of young people.

Today 8 Youth Banks work on the basis of community funds: Bari Community Foundation (Bar, Vinnytsia Region), Podilska Hromada Community Foundation (Vinnytsia), Voznesensk Community Foundation (Voznesensk, Mykolaiv Region), Foundation of Berezani community (Berezan, Kyiv region), Domanivka community development fund (Domaniska OTG, Mykolaiv region), Ridnya community fund (Stryy, Lviv region), GOstynets NGO (Novoyavorivsk, Lviv region) .) and NGO "Space" (Rivne).

The Youth Bank is an asset of 5-10 young people who organize fundraising events and hold grant competitions for young people. The Youth Bank is a living organism, its members are replenished every year. In order to train and increase the organizational capacity of the IBI asset in 2018, ISAR Unity has developed a unique online training platform with 4 modules dedicated to various aspects of the work of youth banks.

Deadline for applications:  01.02.2021
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